Shortlist 2018

Please meet the 31 finalists of the Lumen Prize 2018, selected from the Longlist by our Jury Panel.

Representing 11 countries, from the United Kingdom to South Korea, Brazil, Italy and more, this year's shortlist demonstrates some astoundingly clever and incredibly fresh engagements with technology.

The 9 prize winners - who will share $11k - will be announced on September 27th at the Frontline Club in London. To reserve your free seat, please RSVP here

To view the Meural Student Award Shortlist, click here.

To see each work and read its description, please click on the images.

Category: Still Image

Digital Border
Jason Rouse
Sentimentality for Jess
Irina Zadorozhnaia
Into the Underworld
Chirag Jindal
In Defence Of Industry
Felicity Hammond
Overload (Consequence)
Mark Lyons
Nicolas Strappini

Category: Moving Image

Shall I This Time Hold You?
Sophie Clements
perpetual browse_r
Sandra Crisp
Exactly the same, 2018
Maeve Rendle
dada da ta
Jake Elwes
eternal return / op.2 übermenschen
Spaceless Latitudes
Synspecies (Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc)
Avyakrta: The Unanswered Questions
Sungjae Lee
Open Air
Grayson Cooke

Category: AR/VR

Liminality Live
Janire Najera and Matt Wright
Mutator VR
William Latham
New Reality Company
Xingu Ensemble
Clelio de Paula
Aerobanquets RMX
Mattia Casalegno
Future Past News
Karolina Ziulkoski & Andrea Wolf

Category: Artificial Intelligence

The Butcher's Son
Mario Klingemann
Raphael Arar
Degenerative Cultures
Cesar & Lois
Fall of the House of Usher II
Anna Ridler

Category: 3D/Interactive

Fidgety (In between up & down)
Technological Nature
Daria Jelonek
Internet of Everything: All Connections
Shaun Hu
Butterfly Effect
Deqing Sun & Peiqi Su
As We Are
Matthew Mohr
Nye Thompson